How We Help

As our name implies we are a benevolent fund whose main activity is to provide financial grants to British Citizens in need in Spain.

However the aim of the British Benevolent Fund is that any British citizen in need or distress in Spain has the support they require and are cared for with benevolence. We recognise that when problems strike financial support alone may not be enough: it is important to have access to the right advice and services; help may be needed to understand and negotiate the Spanish system; plus counselling and emotional support might also be required.

As a Madrid based fund run solely by volunteers we do not have the resources to provide all the above services. We therefore work with partner organisations throughout Spain, such as The British Consulates and Age Concern España, who can advise our clients on where to source the services they need. In this way The British Benevolent Fund can focus on its core activity: the provision of financial grants to British citizens in need in Spain.

Who We Fund

To apply for a financial grant from the British Benevolent Fund you must be a British national (holder of a British passport) or a dependent of a British national such as a spouse, child, parent etc.

What We Fund

We will consider all applications where the British citizen can clearly demonstrate:

  • They are in genuine need in Spain (whether resident here or just visiting)
  • They do not have the financial resources to resolve the problem themselves
  • They have no further recourse to support from other sources such as the state authorities, family and friends, local charities or other organisations.

Depending on the situation the British Benevolent Fund will provide either a non repayable grant or an interest free loan with flexible repayment options (the loan is repaid only when the client is able to so without causing further financial distress and can be converted to a grant should the need arise).

These may take the form of a one off payment or several payments over a finite period of time.

For further details please check our leaflet How We Help  leaflet and/or read these testimonials.

Ultimately the BBF looks to fund solutions that put our clients in a position to live independently. We will not fund situations that leave our clients in a financially unsustainable position and in need of long term funding.


How To Apply For Help

Please click on the relevant link below according to where you are in Spain.

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What Happens Once We Receive Your Application

You should receive confirmation of receipt of your application by email within one week of emailing it to us (longer if you have sent the application by post). If you have not received confirmation of receipt in this time then please resend the application.

Providing the application has come through the correct channels (see the section above on How To Apply For Help) it will be forwarded to The Case Support Sub Committee. If not you will be referred to the relevant partner organisation and you will need to reapply for support via that organisation.

The Case Support Sub Committee may request additional information or documents to support your application. Once all the required information and documents have been obtained you should receive a final decision on your application within two weeks.