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Queens Birthday Honours List

BBF Chairs named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List

The BBF is thrilled that both the current and previous Chair of the British Benevolent Fund have received Honours in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Former Chair Stewart Cusden was awarded the British Empire Medal for services to the British community in Spain. Current Chair John Scott was awarded an OBE for services to British/Spanish relations.

Stewart Cusden, former BBF Chair

Stewart Cusden moved to Madrid in 1996 as country manager for Texaco, retiring in 2001. He started volunteering with the British Benevolent Fund in 2007, becoming its Chairman in 2014. Under his Chairmanship he professionalised the organisation and increased its profile and support. He transitioned the organisation from supporting only UK nationals in Madrid to supporting UK nationals throughout Spain.

“Steward Cusden has radically transformed the British Benevolent Fund Madrid into a professionally run Spain-wide registered charity – increasing the volunteer base and quadrupling the number of beneficiaries in four years. Thanks to Stewart our Consulates have formed strong partnerships with BBF that have enabled us to significantly improve our support for UK nationals in need.”- HMA Simon Manley

Former BBF Chair Stewart Cusden

“I feel very honoured that the work of the British Benevolent Fund (BBF) has been recognised in this way and that the award reflects a lot of hard work by all the volunteers in the BBF in supporting British people in need in Spain.”- Former BBF Chair Stewart Cusden

John Scott, BBF Chair

John Scott occupied many senior positions at KPMG, most recently serving as Global Deputy Chairman of KPMG International until stepping down in 2017. Throughout that time he worked to promote the UK and foster our bilateral relationship with Spain. In 2006, John became the first external non-executive member of the British Embassy Madrid Board and in 2016 joined the Embassy Prosperity Board. He is spokesperson for the Board of Friends of the Reina Sofia and was recently appointed as Chair of the British Benevolent Fund.

“John Scott has not only been one of the most significant senior business figures of his generation in Spain, but has used that acumen and expertise to facilitate the Embassy’s connections with Spanish companies. It has been a pleasure to work alongside, and indeed learn, from him.”- HMA Simon Manley

BBF Chair John Scott

“After more than 30 years in Spain, I feel incredibly proud to be considered to have contributed and hopefully to have helped to strengthen an ever more dynamic business relationship between the UK and Spain. I’m very grateful to my colleagues at KPMG and to those professionals with whom I have collaborated over the years at the UK Embassy for their support.”- BBF Chair John Scott

Other Madrid residents named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List

In total, six UK nationals resident in Spain were named in this year’s list, published on 8 June 2019.The others were:

  • An OBE to Mrs Anne McEwan, Former President, National Association of British Schools in Spain. “For services to education.”
  • An OBE to Mr Derek Doyle MBE, lately British Consul and Director of Trade and Investment, Bilbao, Spain. “For services to UK/Spain relations.”
  • A BEM to Mrs Georgina Harvey, President, Original Charity Shop and Library, Javea, Spain. “For services to charity.”
  • A BEM to Mr Michael Witty, Retired. “For services to the British community in Catalonia, Spain.”

“It is extraordinary to see six British nationals awarded at the same time – a real testament to the depth and diversity of the UK-Spain relationship and to the contribution that so many British nationals make to their communities across Spain”- HMA Simon Manley