An Update From The Chairman


There is a time to decide things!

During 2012 and the beginning of 2013 the Executive Committee of the British Benevolent Fund of Madrid (BBF) recommended to its donors at the Annual General Meeting in May 2013 that it should become an Association, under the Spanish “Ley de Asociaciones”.

It could have easily folded. It could no longer function as a private entity and the easy route would have been to distribute the assets to charity and close it down.

But your Committee decided by moving to an “Asociacion” it would provide a new platform to make the BBF more professional, more accountable to our funders and clients and give us the freedom to pursue corporate funding.

With the continued support of H.M. Ambassador and the various Consulates in Spain the BBF is now easier to approach for help and to obtain a prompt response. There is the small fact that it has existed since 1933 and the knowledge that many people over a very long period of time have worked tirelessly to help British citizens in need.

As times change so must the BBF. Your committee has grown with younger professional people becoming involved. There are planned events to broaden the awareness of the work being done and to make it easier for British people in the community who need assistance to come forward. In addition, people who wish to be involved and contribute are very welcome. There is much to be done!

The development of the website provides a way to communicate our activities and for people to contact the BBF and I would encourage you to follow us to see what is going on.

Please join me and the Committee to make things happen.

This is the time to decide on things!

Stewart Cusden, Chairman