Charity Workshop in Barcelona


Charity groups and Anglican churches from Catalonia and Girona came together in the British Consulate in Barcelona on 3rd May, 2017 to see how best to work together with the British Benevolent Fund (BBF) in the region.

Lloyd Milen, British Consul opened the proceedings emphasising how important voluntary work is and thanking the sixteen volunteers who were present at the workshop. He and the Vice Consuls, Caroline de Jong and Annabelle Sproat Wilkinson explained that much of their time was taken up with issuing emergency travel documents, almost 1600 in 2016. Nevertheless they wished to support the British communities and to help the most vulnerable in society and saw this as a very important part of their role.

The Red Cross made a presentation on the international activities of their organisation.

Kim Stollard, Case Support Coordinator for the British Benevolent Fund made a comprehensive case to all the representatives present, how the BBF can help and what funding is available and how the various groups present could access funds to help British citizens in their care.

Michael Witty, a representative from the Anglican Church in Barcelona made reference to a previous British Benevolent Association in Barcelona, disbanded a number of years ago, and very much welcomed the efforts of the British Consulate, to bring charitable groups together. The group were introduced to Steve Cahill who will represent the BBF in Catalonia and Girona in the future.

In conclusion, a positive response was received to the workshop and that through working together the outcome will be greater than each group working independently.