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Recent repatriation to the UK success story

Juliet wrote to our Treasurer recently to thank the British Benevolent Fund for helping with this repatriation to the UK.

As the friend of one of your beneficiaries I would like to describe how very much the British Benevolent Fund assisted her, & even helped me to help her.

The British citizen in question was in urgent need of financial assistance to repatriate to the UK because she had completely run out of money & was about to be evicted for rent arrears. She is, further, a pensioner & disabled. She has no family at all & would have been homeless where she lived in Spain because the local authorities could not support her.

Via considerable input from the local British Consulate the British Benevolent Fund provided a very generous grant that paid for the lady’s flight, a taxi from Heathrow to Taunton in Somerset then 8 nights in a disabled hotel room until her homeless situation could be resolved by social services. Originally 2 nights in the hotel were planned & expected to be sufficient but in fact the stay had to be extended twice over because residential placement wasn’t forthcoming, requiring the treasurer of the BBF to urgently seek release of extra funds each time. The room provided by the BBF had a carers bed which enabled me to stay, at no cost to me, to assist the lady.

As much as the generosity of the BBF, I would like to emphasize the extremely caring, concerned attitude of the case support worker & treasurer. They were in frequent telephone contact, both for arrangements & out of concern for the lady’s welfare, & clearly had great personal concern for her. This personal support during an intensely stressful time, right through until a satisfactory outcome was established, was highly appreciated by the lady & I.

The invaluable assistance of the BBF enabled a fully satisfactory outcome in these otherwise unavoidable desperate circumstances.

The British Benevolent Fund works closely with partner organizations to help British citizens in need with help for repatriation to the UK, and other pressing issues.

If you have an urgent issue, please contact us.