Why I Volunteered for the British Benevolent Fund of Madrid – Vice Chairman Callie Stewart

CallieI joined the committee of the BBF some years ago, thinking I could be of some help regarding people who the BBF come across who may have physical difficulties. I have experience of this as I have worked all my life as a physiotherapist. However though I have know how in accessing disabilities, really the main function of a visitor to listen to others.

As people get older their circle of friends often diminishes, due to death or simply because they can’t get about to see people as previously. We therefore visit British people who are lonely at home, or in a retired folks home or in hospital. Sometimes we visit alone or 2 of us together. This is especially helpful if the person has difficulty in speaking, so at least speaking together and including the person we are able to bring the outside world to them.

Sometimes it’s the member of family who visits and looks after their loved one who is in a home, that needs help and support, perhaps visiting to give the spouse or other person a rest.

It’s the job of committee members to assess the financial aid situation of the person, if required, as there are sometimes benefits they can receive which they were unaware of.

If you like talking with people and feel you would be interested in becoming a visitor, we would be delighted to meet you and tell you more and introduce you into our system.

If you are based in the Madrid area and would like to volunteer for The British Benevolent Fund then please email us on info@britishbenevolentfund.org